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naughtは、ポートフォリオウェブサイトやフォトエキシビションなど、 写真提示の〈企画 /監修/運営〉について、多角的な活動を行っています。

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The press release of this exhibition is now available HERE.(1MB)

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"naught" is in operation, setting up practical opportunities such as projects / supervisions of photo exhibitions, management of photo portfolio sites and so on.


"OURPLATES" is a photo portfolio site to face photographs with photographers and to think of the expressivity and what the actions may be attributed to.We're thinking here of venturing once to keep a certain distance from any intention or speculation that a photographer may have in his or her works, hoping to approach the details of the works, the photographer's personality and the characteristics of the themes, through reduction of the presented work(s) from an objective point of view.

写真展 「A View from 35°02'N/ 135°47'E」
期間:2008年3月27日(木)〜 4月22日(火)

「 旅することで得られる感覚… もしかするとそれは、「写真」との対話、つまりそこに「ない」けれど、かつて「あった」はずの何かについて思うときに得られる展望と、どこか似ているかもしれない。 本展は、このような仮定から生まれたフォトエキシビションです。流れる音楽を聴くともなく聴くような、開かれた窓から見える景色や、陽射しがつくる模様を眺めるような、そんな気分で写真とその空間の雰囲気が示唆する、穏やかな時間を楽しんでいただければと思います。

"A View from 35°02'N/ 135°47'E"
Period:March 27th to April 22nd, 2008
Site:prinz Kyoto Japan

A feeling caught by traveling...It perhaps resembles something of a prospect caught in thinking of dialogue with a photo, that is, not what "isn't" there but what "had to be" there once.This exhibition is a photo exhibition to which such supposition gave birth.We hope you will enjoy a calm time arisen from atmospheres between the photographs and the space, in such moods as you hear a flowing-like music and as you view landscapes through opened windows, or shades made by sunlight.

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